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02 September 2012 @ 10:42 pm
YAY~ i am soooo excited for this drama SP!
today, the international casts were announced. Though, it's somehow disappointing to know that Jang Geun Suk and Jackie Chan will not be a part of it. T.T i thought i would be able to see Ryoo act with them. /sniffs/ /sniffs/

cats here, i mean, CASTS.Collapse )

sooo the only missing cast will be Miyuki/Yang Lan.
HMMM... i wodner who will SHE be. >.<
i'm crossed-fingers it would not beeeeee.......... /sigh/

but expectedly, half of the drama will be filmed in Hongkong, and they will start this mid-September!
aww... that would be the tme for my 18th birthday. T.T Ryosuke would be busy shooting the drama in HK then. :<

ohwell, but SERIOUSLY... i'm soooo proud of him. /sniffs/

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01 September 2012 @ 12:08 am

HEY YO! EVERYBODY~ WHAT'S UP AND WHAT'S DOWN? \ ^____________^/    /waves/
HAHA! gomen, gomen. just ignore me ne?
i was just hyped up to be writing in here again...

mou~ i really miss this. T~~~T
BUT seriously... hontou ni.. yakusoku!
i will be writing again from now on...
well, it's because i've lost some of my writing skills when i somehow 'disappeared' from the fandom.
not that i really disappeared.. i just got lazy updating. TEEHEE...

Sooo... for now, i will just be posting this~:

"Surely because we know each other's weakness, we can hold our hand, right?"Collapse )

but the only thing missing is..... RYU. :<
ne, hamster hayaku kaite yo~ Dai-chan is already reaching out for you! </3

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28 June 2011 @ 07:43 pm
 It's really confirmed.
Ryu's JUMP/solo activities is on hold indefinitely. I somehow don't understand what they mean about 'indefinitely' but I hope that it could mean that there could still be a chance for him to come back. I know he's suspended and not yet kicked out so I really hope that we will still be able to see him perform.

it's also announced that JUMP will continue their activities as a 9-member group. And they also have to change the jacket shoot of OVER because Ryu is in it in the previous one. But can't they just let him include in this one for perhaps, this could be his last single with JUMP?! (though I really hope not.) Aish! Also, Ryu won't be in SUMMARY 2011 either. /sigh/ I know he should be punished but I am hoping that this punishment would be lifted from him not looong after and of course, he will learn a lesson from it. I just really want him back in JUMP. :|

But you know for me, JUMP will not be JUMP anymore if one original member is missing.
It won't be JUMP anymore if it's not Yabu Kota, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru, Arioka Daiki, Okamoto Keito, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri nd of course.. MORIMOTO RYUTARO. It's because they are the ones who made us love JUMP until now. So whether Ryutaro would be back or not.. RYUTARO MORIMOTO WILL STILL FOREVER BE A JUMP MEMBER. He's still JUMP's hamster.

And if ever Johnny is thinking of replacing Ryu immediately, OH THE HELL! Shuut up for awhile will ya? (okaii. gomen nasai, Johnny-san. :| /bows/)
We, fans are going through a hard time for Ryu. So having a replacement already won't ever help at all. That's why don't you ever dare be in a hurry to replace him.
And if ever you choose Yuma.. I'm sorry but for me, I can't accept him. I've already accepted him as the 11th member of JUMP so making him the 10th member and the replacement for Ryu is a hell BIG NO NO! (im sorry too Yuma fans. no offense.) SOO.. i really think and in my opinion.. You should not just make any replacement for Ryu. Because no one ever can replace him. Perhaps, sooner or later..we'll be able to accept JUMP as a 9-member group. But I guess.. having them back as a 10-member group without RYU, will be really different.

Though.. I am still not convinced with Ryu's reason for doing such misbehavior.
Curiosity? Nah, i think there's more to it.
Because you see, he had done it several times in the past and in public!
And people around him has warned him to stop it but he just ignored it without worry.
So I am thinking that he did it on purpose in the past.
He isn't stupid enough to publicize it when he knows that there are soo many paparazzis that could see him.
And he isn't stupid enough to pose infront of the camera while doing it right?
So I guess.. Ryu knows what he was doing. Ryu knows that if he ever got caught, he could be suspended or worst kicked out from the Jimusho.
So that could be his reason for doing it on purpose.
In a magazine interview he had said that he had actually thought of quitting Johnny's before because JUMP was making fun of him/always scolding him but he also said that he shouldn't because of the smile of everyone/fans.
But that was BEFORE! As we know.. those pictures were taken last January and May of 2010!
Perhaps, he already stopped this year right? or maybe even late 2010? RIGHT? because he realized that it's not good for him to smoke just to be kicked out/ suspended from the Jimusho. (okaii, if you didn't understand.. what I'm trying to say is that maybe Ryu used smoking as an instrument for him to quit back then.)
And as quoted "According to Johnny & Associates, when they asked Morimoto for an explanation, he admitted that he has smoked several times in the past out of curiosity."
CR: tokyohive.com

Soo yeahh.. I am still seeing a light of hope that Ryu would surely be back in JUMP.. though we don't know when. At the right time perhaps?
But I know and I believe this isn't OVER yet for Ryu. :) Soo let's jut keep on waiting and praying.
I firmly believe that we can make this through! You knoow, every successful fandom will always be destroyed by those people who are envious and jealous.

And I must say that Shukan Josei really became successful of having a bad publicity of JUMP before their OVER single be released tomorrow and for picking the right time to publicize those old pictures.
Omedetou ne! And thank you by the way for that 'someone' who gave the picture of Ryu to the most 'trustful' tabloid magazine. I salute you too!
Ohh, of course thank you also SJ.. for ruining our wonderful celebration of JUMP's single release! /bows/

**everything that I said in here is just my opinion.

NOTE: BTW.. PLEASE STOP SPREADING RYU'S PICTURE. I KNOW IT WAS ALREADY SPREAD WORLDWIDE BY SJ BUT PLEASE.. STOP SPREADING IT IN THE INTERNET. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE HAVING A BAD PUBLICITY OF RYU IN THAT WAY. I GUESS HE WON'T ALSO LIKE IT TO BE SPREADING MUCH MORE. THANK YOU. (i know i'm not the owner of the picture so i don't have any right at all to say this but I think I have the right as his fan who's concerned about him).

we'll wait for you, RYU! :))

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02 June 2011 @ 02:55 pm
 Geez, Really.

Johnny is getting smarter as he gets older.
he's really amazing ne? for coming up with an idea to have another LE version of JUMP's upcoming OVER single.
and for thinking of putting up some barcode in each versions for a member's voice message which can be dld-ed from nowhere.
and that means...

== 30 voice messages in total.

if one buys a single, he/she can't be sure that he'll be getting his/her Ichiban's voice message barcode.
Sooo.. fans would likely to buy all the versions or more of it... to have a 50/50 chance of getting their desired voice message barcode.
I salute Johnny for that!
But sadly, this news isn't really a good one ne? Especially for fans who won't be able to buy the said single for now.
And as for me, I am still thinking whether I'll be getting one or not.
Because as you see.. school will only start on the 13th and I still don't have enough savings to preorder the single.
HOWEVER.. there's still a problem about this. 
Even if I'll be able to preorder now.. my single won't be able to make it for the said deadline for the voice message barcodes, which is on July 5. The arrival of the item, which is according to my seller, will be on the 1st/2nd week of July soo YEAAAH..
there's still no waaay I could get those voice messages.
OHWELL.. if ever that'll going to happen.. seems like I'll just have to enjoy the single as it is.. without those precious voice messages. :/
19 May 2011 @ 03:30 pm

fu fu fu~
there's soooo many news coming out lately ne? and it's all mixing up in my mind. XD


according to
Tokyohive, TBS will have a Japanese remake of the Korean drama "You're Beautiful" and it'll be aired this July 2011.

ikemen desu! ^^Collapse )

AND.. another one. this is a rumor about Ryosuke. is it really true that he's likely to repeat high school/ Year 3 in Hori? Really, I don't have any detailed info about this. I just read this from a Group message and when I tried to find anything in the internet, there's one in
[info]hey_say , but it was already deleted. I really hope that this is only a rumor ne. they only just started in Year 3 you know.. //double sigh

P.S. today's our (ryo and I) 44th monthsary! <333

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16 May 2011 @ 02:25 pm


so.. what's really with FUTURE??

I've heard this word being mentioned in JUMP's song, "OVER" for a few times.
and somehow, i'm... annoyed.

because whenever I heard it.. there's only one person I could think of.
MIRAI. SHIDA.  pfft..

ohwell.. my big J is attacking me again. HAHA.

btw.. i've found a very good quality of
YYJ's 20110514 livestage in youtube.
i still haven't watched it yet because I'm still dld-ing it. I wonder when it'll gonna finish. I really can't wait. :|

AHH! i really love 20110507's The Special 10!
Ryo's soooooo cuteee. Kuramoto-kun mo! :DDD
ryo's making me fall for him all over again. <3
just look at this pic:

see ryo's RABU RABU!Collapse )
but even if I changed to Daiki.. I won't be changing this LJ of course because I'M SURE i'm going back to ryo! <3


I know that this is unbelieveable. And some of you might just say that "It's just another poser." "It's impossible for them to have such accounts." and so on.

though I can't believe when I saw these pictures in 3 (or 4) various accounts on Facebook.

I am not that easily fooled by posers but I just got ahm? curious when I stumbled upon nicaanime04's post. Then i've got a thought for a second so I tried to investigate if it was really true. And of course some of those accounts are fakes because in the Relationship Status said something like "In a Realationship with blah blah.." and it's just very impossible ne?

and so.. these are the pictures that I saw:

(I know some of you might have already seen these because perhaps you befriended them already right?)

i think this is real. :D
very Yamada Ryosuke-like expression.     

more!Collapse )
so?? any opinions whether this is true or not? because we could say that those guys could just be "a look-alike" of Ryo. although, picture #1 seems to be real. However, the other side of my mind says that probably that picture was just from magazines etc.. and was already ages ago. but this is really the first time I encountered it.

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