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i LOVE strawberry iDiot

why am i afraid to lose you, when you aren't even mine?

17 September 1989

hello everyone! I'm faith vivien v. marasigan... but i wanted to be called fai.. i'm 14 years old and i'm from batangas city, philippines. I joined LJ because I wanted to know more about JE stuffs and also to have new friends.. ^_^ I'm really a BIG, BIG, BIG, supporter of YAMADA RYOSUKE... I like him a lot.. I also adore Inoo Kei, Nakajima Yuto and Yabu Kota.. also the other JUMP members... I think I can't always be active in here because I visited other forum sites too. You can always see me in JUMPstart.


Name: Faith Vivien Marasigan
Desired Japanese name: Fai Matsuhara
Nickname: Fai
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: September 17 1994
Zodiac: Virgo
Nationality: Filipino
E-mails: mileur14@yaoo.com
(but I rarely open them)
Ambition: to be a chef..
Dream: to meet and be friends with JUMP

As I could remember, I became a JE fangirl last September 2007. I just forgot what's the exact date. My first JE group is Arashi. I saw them in Music Station aired by Animax in the Philippines. That tie, I'm not really interested into those kind of things. My second JE group is the former Hey! Say! 7 but they are now called Hey! Say! JUMP. I saw them too in Music Station. My friend and I are both watching the show. After it, my friend told me that they're so cute but I disagred and defended Arashi. At that time, I didn't gave them much attention. I thought about them as boys who are not cool because of their long hairs. But then one day, while I was using the computer, I decided to look some videos of them. When I watched the making of Hey! Say!, I think I was cursed by 'his' tantalizing eyes.. Yamada Ryosuke's eyes, and I fell for it. I totally fell for him. I could still remember his gentle, childish actions, his innocent face especially his wonderful smile. I miss it.. I already miss the old him.. =/

山田涼介 is my one and only ANGEL!

I hope you'll like your stay here~

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