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05 September 2012 @ 06:21 pm
hayaku kaite yo doragon-chan~  
i have a good news for everyonee~
well, it's not really new since this news have been lurking around twitter and facebook last MON so some of you might have already known about this. but still, i wannaaaa post it ne~ :>

SO the good news is about our dear Hamster~~~ \(^--------------------------------^)/ YAY!
source here

Last Saturday, One of JUMPer girl has met Ryu-chan in Shibuya while he was going back from school. At first, she wasn't sure is that Ryutaro? Then one girl and boy'd had greet up to Ryutaro and he looked so pleasure that those 2 fans came to him! After that she went closer and asked "Ryutaro-kun?" he said "Yes" with his smile ♥ She was so happy and asked him for shacking hands!! She said "I'm keep supporting you and everybody is waiting for your come back!" Our sweet Hamster said "Thank you very much please waiting for me" ♥♥♥

we can say that the source/fan is not reliable... but still! she might be saying the truth even though she doesn't have any evidence of encountering Ryu. (you knoow.. Manong Johnny is strict. -.-) that's why i believe that he'll reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally come baaaack~ and i know that will be SOOOOON! ☆ 

don't worry Doragon-chan, we'll wait for you! ♥ No one can take your place in JUMP. :)

btw.. i realized something after i posted 'kindacihi SP'.. you see, my birthday will be on  the 17th right? i'll be turning 18 then. and here in my country, when girls turn that age, it means they are a grown lady already that's why people celebrate it specially. some even have 18th debut/party. but in my case, i told my parents that i don't want to have a party but instead, i wanted our family to travel out of town.. in Palawan for the first choice. but then, i changed my mind since i really wanted to have a DSLR camera. so the 'something' i've realized is that.. i should've just went for the out of town wish but to Hongkong instead. at the time when i was deciding for this, Cebu Pacific was offering low fares going to the said country and dates of the trip would be on mid-September! so i was thinking that, by that time... Ryosuke would be there filming the drama SP. T____T seriously... it was a bad choice i made there. if i choose going to Hongkong.. then i would have a chance to see/meet him... even from afar. T------------------T but i blew that chance for a DSLR. /sniffs haaaaaaaaaard/
気分: hopefulhopeful
歌: Jung Yong Hwa/ You've Fallen For Me
Your War Goddessai_star on September 5th, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
I dont really believe this kind of thing but as long as there is possibility of Ryutaro's comeback, I will be happy :)

Oh, so your debut is coming? Congrats <3
jimayakiangel: rabu ♥ rabujimayakiangel on September 9th, 2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
me too. since the source is just a fan.. but still, it's not bad to hope right? ^^

//OH.. and i loooove your DP! RYOOO~ HAHA!//